board a plane in a sentence

"board a plane" in Chinese  
  1. The reporters tried to board a plane bound for Britain.
  2. Gilmore is suing the wedelowing him to board a plane.
  3. Today, she will board a plane to North Carolina.
  4. The five were preparing to board a plane for Nairobi, Kenya.
  5. They had intended to board a plane bound for Paris.
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  7. He had been attempting to board a plane to Minneapolis.
  8. Noriega was to board a plane bound for El Salvador late Wednesday.
  9. He sells his business and boards a plane for Sudan.
  10. The next day, Ottway and other oil drillers board a plane.
  11. He boards a plane piloted by Major Goodman and finds the generator.
  12. Some time later she was taken to board a plane.
  13. He would get off the bus and board a plane headed toward Miami.
  14. And a final scan could ensure that no suspected terrorist boards a plane.
  15. They intended to board a plane bound for Paris.
  16. An Arab trying to board a plane with two pistols and a mask?
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