board a boat in a sentence

"board a boat" in Chinese  
  1. Then, put on your walking shoes or board a boat.
  2. They meet with Corsican nationalists and board a boat for Marseille.
  3. Then came Futch's turn to board a boat.
  4. To get to the island, you still must board a boat.
  5. From there he boards a boat for a harbor tour, Stafford said.
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  7. Those odds are what immigrants eye when they board a boat for America.
  8. The visitor boards a boat and leaves the island.
  9. Parker obtained a divorce and married Bradford in 1963 on board a boat at sea.
  10. The next day, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro board a boat to Tokyo.
  11. She sees the happy couple as they are about to board a boat to their honeymoon.
  12. Phillip Davidson ( John Mills ) boards a boat and embraces Fay Driver ( Elizabeth Sellars ).
  13. Despite repeated invitations of his colleagues, he refused to board a boat and died in the sinking.
  14. All board a boat belonging to the tummy-bellies, but during the escape Poyly is killed.
  15. The flame was then to board a boat and make its way across Great Salt Lake to Antelope Island.
  16. Nick hangs up and boards a boat with the real sceptre as a shocked Jack broods over his situation.
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