boar hunting in a sentence

  1. Unlike deer hunting, wild boar hunting is open year round.
  2. The Grande ( large ) was developed for deer and wild boar hunting.
  3. Boar hunting has often been a test of bravery.
  4. Kurdistan's Regional Government has outlawed boar hunting.
  5. The boar hunting season will end Jan . 31, although official exception may be granted.
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  7. The breed originated in Slovakia, in Central Europe, and is bred for boar hunting.
  8. The ancestors of today s Plott Hounds were used for boar hunting in Germany many years ago.
  9. Wild boar hunting is a sport cum business where the meat is sold at a good premium.
  10. Rushing owned and operated a wild boar hunting preserve near Taylorsville, North Carolina named Chestnut Hunting Lodge.
  11. In October wood-pigeon, wild boar hunting, and mushrooming are part of the local tradition.
  12. The Ancient Romans left behind many more representations of boar hunting than the Ancient Greeks in both literature and art.
  13. In 1861 he published " Boar Hunting in India " which included " The Charge " ( see illustration ).
  14. The Great Dane is a molosser, mixed with unknown sighthounds, to improve its agility and speed in boar hunting.
  15. He brought a few wild boar hounds ( five Hanoverian Hounds, used for bear and boar hunting ) with him.
  16. One of the reasons for wild boar hunting is to prevent paddy and other crops from being ruined by these animals.
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