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  1. The introduction of a continuous bloom caster at the steelworks in 1987 saw the phasing out of the narrow gauge rail system with the system being closed in 1991 and the narrow gauge rolling stock and locos scrapped.
  2. It operated the widest slab caster in the world, 3250mm wide x 150mm thick, as well as a more conventional caster at 2, 300mm wide x up to 260mm thick and a multi strand bloom caster.
  3. In 2005 Corus announced an investment plan for its long products division : an ?30 million investment at Scunthorpe into the medium section mill, focusing on rail production, with the a corresponding end to rail production at its site in Workington, UK; other investment included a new bloom caster, reheat furnace and breakdown mill for the rod mill.
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