bloom 06 in a sentence

  1. Through a press release published on a new Web domain, the Bloom 06 boys explained:
  2. It was renamed " Crash Test 01 " and was released by Bloom 06 on 13 October 2006.
  3. On December 22, a new remix of " " Welcome To The Zoo " " was posted on the Bloom 06 myspace website.
  4. Bloom 06 is the new name of the band formed by Jeffrey Jey and Maurizio Lobina, two former members of the Italian dance group Eiffel 65.
  5. As Jeffery said that they go way back with Alexia, they have also announced the process of making their third studio album that has yet to be officially previewed on the official Bloom 06 Myspace and official website.
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  7. "' Bloom 06 "'were an Italian electronic music group, composed of two of the original three members of Eiffel 65, another group who compose different types of music ranging from electropop to mellowed rock.
  8. "' Jeffrey Jey "'( born "'Gianfranco Randone "'on 5 January 1970 in Lentini, Italy ) is an Italian singer-songwriter, the lead singer of the group Eiffel 65 ( 1998 2005, 2010 present ) and former lead singer of the groups Bliss Team ( 1992 1997 ) and Bloom 06 ( 2005 2010 ).
  9. Shortly after the departure of Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65, due to a desire to begin a project of his own, Maurizio ( Maury ) Lobina ( born on 1973 in Asti, Italy ) and Gianfranco ( Jeffrey ) Randone officially announced, on 15 June 2005, that they had permanently put the name "'Eiffel 65 "'behind them and they were ready to begin a new chapter in their artistic careers, releasing their current work under a new name which they had chosen as "'Bloom 06 " '.

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