blooey in a sentence

"blooey" meaning  "blooey" in Chinese  
  1. Indeed, sooner or later it'll go ka-blooey.
  2. All kinds of things had to happen to make it go blooey.
  3. And then blooey, you hear about this.
  4. As usual, when February sweeps end, television goes blooey for a week.
  5. Blooey releases the anchor and the crashing waves wash Manning and his man off the deck.
  6. It's difficult to find blooey in a sentence.
  7. And we won't be liable if the whole thing goes blooey and crashes your system for good.
  8. Ace, Blooey, and Eleanor jump to safety with life preservers . later, on a train Ace and Eleanor are married.
  9. A promising conceit and an amusing setup eventually go blooey, dissolving into equal amounts of tee-hees and tedium, ending in triteness.
  10. I was afraid they'd get on the stand and say I hadn't taught it and then the whole trial would go blooey.
  11. The lineup is respectable, and closer Doug Jones had 36 saves last year, but the rest of the bullpen and the starting rotation is blooey.
  12. They strip filters of the filth borne by city air, dirt so thick it forms a three-inch carpet that could make any unit go blooey.
  13. The stock market is going blooey, you're an on-line brokerage, and you're telling me I have to wait for the mail?
  14. Joe and his right-hand man Blooey ( Roscoe Karns ) offer to turn over the casino to Ace, so he can improve the business and seek vengeance on Manning.
  15. Even the best of them, offered by Red Hat Software of Durham, N . C ., went blooey when it encountered the video card in my IBM Aptiva test machine.
  16. Factions-- whites and blacks, gays and straights, frats and indies-- coexist like elements in a volatile chemical brew, waiting for the least convenient moment to go blooey.

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