bloodying in a sentence

"bloodying" in Chinese  
  1. The Jazz did everything short of bloodying the Spurs'noses.
  2. You imagine the other bloodying a knuckle on his belt buckle.
  3. Several men beat one Haitian journalist with sticks, bloodying his arm.
  4. We have brought to justice two terrorists who have contributed bloodying Italy,
  5. Bissonnette TKO'd Bradley to the ice, bloodying his nose.
  6. It's difficult to find bloodying in a sentence.
  7. The bloodying his warriors took in Gaballan Canyon hastened the day of capitulation.
  8. Zoe escapes by jumping through a window, bloodying herself in the process.
  9. Why did he whack her over the head with the nightstick, bloodying her?
  10. and beaten in battle, bloodying the path,
  11. But Justin jumps right in, bloodying his hands as he castrates the males.
  12. Jagged ice from the rescue effort also cut the whales, bloodying the water.
  13. And the Vols did the nose bloodying.
  14. Domestic terrorism bloodying Turkey has spanned decades.
  15. The round ended with Osipczak landing ground and pound from the top, bloodying Ludwig.
  16. Merkersojvhen threw an overhand punch that connected with Stone's jaw, bloodying his face.
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