blood pressure in a sentence

"blood pressure" meaning  "blood pressure" in Chinese  
  1. The blood pressure is high on both sides of the Atlantic,
  2. Holding your breath can cause a dramatic rise in blood pressure.
  3. The arteries also withstood blood pressures the same as native vessels.
  4. We now know that it matters how we lower blood pressure.
  5. Doctors wiped sweat from his brow and checked his blood pressure.
  6. It's difficult to find blood pressure in a sentence.
  7. He had stomach pains and his blood pressure dropped very low.
  8. Her heart rate had accelerated and she had high blood pressure.
  9. Blood pressure : 140 / 90 measured in a sitting position.
  10. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.
  11. Tests showed that the entertainer was suffering from low blood pressure.
  12. He added that hostility could bring blood pressure up even more.
  13. A healthy level of denial keeps the collective blood pressure down.
  14. A device called a sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure as two numbers.
  15. The most elaborate medical tasks they do is taking blood pressure.
  16. She had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and was overweight.
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