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  1. With 20 percent of Lukoil, ConocoPhillips would hold less than a blocking stake in the Russian oil giant.
  2. In November 2012, Alstom purchased a blocking stake in TMH for $ 422 million U . S . dollars.
  3. ConocoPhillips, for instance, will not acquire a blocking stake, or 25 percent plus one share, in Lukoil.
  4. The European Commission is considering filing a a complaint against the regional government of Saxony which holds a blocking stake in the carmaker.
  5. Mechel won an auction in January 2005 to buy a blocking stake ( 25 % plus one share of stock ) in Yakutugol.
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  7. The European Commission is considering filing a a complaint against the regional government of Saxony, which holds a blocking stake in the carmaker.
  8. In June, National used a blocking stake it held in Metway Bank Ltd . to vote against a proposed merger between Metway and St . George.
  9. In its own internal documents, IBM indicated it might explore buying " blocking stakes " in software makers to prevent takeovers threatening the company's competitive position.
  10. Misamore said he expects Yukos to close a deal with the Lithuanian government and Oklahoma-based Williams Inc . to take a blocking stake in the Mazeikiu Nafta refinery.
  11. Such holdings are known as " blocking stakes, " giving both companies seats on the Sidanko board and sufficient leverage to influence the company's business activities.
  12. He has a 26-percent blocking stake in the merged company, as well as $ 3 billion of Yukos'cash, but he needs Yukos'agreement to get Sibneft back.
  13. As Peel were acquiring shares, another company, Warren James Jewellers, purchased 26 % of shares as a blocking stake and believed Peel's 200p-a-share offer was too low.
  14. Just last week, the French energy company, Total, paid $ 1 billion for 25 percent plus one share-- a blocking stake under Russian law-- for Novatek, an independent gas company.
  15. A blocking stake in the company acquired through the EBRD Norum Fund for $ 8 million Det Norske Veritas conducted a certification audit of the company Inmarko and received a certificate of compliance with international standards ISO 9001 : 2000
  16. The 10.1 percent holding is effectively a blocking stake because a predator with a takeover offer on the table would need 90 percent acceptances from National Foods shareholders to compulsorily acquire the remainder of the company, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
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