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  1. Used mostly in blocking situations, he had just one carry for two yards.
  2. He did not catch a pass but was in on short-yardage blocking situations.
  3. His experience makes him the logical choice to be used more in blocking situations to protect Carr, Capers said.
  4. :: Since he's not using his admin rights, this is just a blocking situation, not a desysopping one.
  5. The triple-option or " spread offense " creates running lanes, one-on-one blocking situations and big-play opportunities.
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  7. But he was used mostly in blocking situations, and in 1999, the 260-pounder helped open holes that allowed Stephen Davis to lead the NFC in rushing.
  8. The zone blitz sets up man-to-man blocking situations all along the line, and one breakdown in the blocking scheme can put a quarterback on the injured list.
  9. The Patriots have been trying to get more work out of Lovett Purnell, who is used in two-tight-end sets, and rookie Rod Rutledge in blocking situations.
  10. Guards doing double reads . . . Most of the times if you get the right defense, your center will be left alone by himself in a lot of blocking situations, one-on-one.
  11. Harper, who has put on about 15 pounds of muscle in the off-season to bulk his 6-foot-6 frame to 275 pounds, is expected to excel in the one-on-one blocking situations that Bennett's blitz packages should present.

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