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  1. Then he sent Douglas into the blocking machine.
  2. News travels quickly through the Carrier Dome, and the Huskies'shot-blocking machine, freshman Emeka Okafor, took it personally.
  3. His size _ 6-6, 330-pounds _ speed, agility and ferocity combine to create an overpowering blocking machine.
  4. The rules could also benefit O'Neal on defense, where he could camp out near the basket and become a shot-blocking machine.
  5. His firm, Osterheld and Eickemeyer, invented a hat-blocking machine that revolutionized the hat industry, and made a number of advancements in electrical lighting.
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  7. A year ago, Levens was a 230-pound backup running back who had just lost his starting fullback job to a blocking machine named Willian Henderson.
  8. Exhibit A this season is sophomore center Etan Thomas, a shot-blocking machine who has become one of the most effective inside players in the nation.
  9. _One of the goals of the new coaching staff was to build a run-blocking machine that could clear out the NFL's biggest and best for Martin.
  10. Thune characterizes Daschle as a " blocking machine " that has held up judicial nominations, tax cuts and an energy bill that includes more benefits for ethanol producers.
  11. Roberts challenged Connecticut's Emeka Okafor, the shot-blocking machine from Houston Bellaire High School, and won their battle more often than not by converting 11 of his 16 field-goal attempts.
  12. With Kratch all but gone, new offensive line coach Paul Boudreau has begun to mold the group in his image, hoping to create a more powerful run-blocking machine that would spring Martin.
  13. His ability to be an effective lead blocker earned great praise and a new role as a blocking full back after the team let last years lead blocking machine Erik Lorig go via free agency.
  14. Another foreign-born player expected to be a lottery pick is Brazil's Maybyner Hilario, a 19-year old forward West considers the best athlete in the draft . This running, shot-blocking machine with a 7-foot-5 wingspan could shape the rest of the first round.
  15. Indeed they do, and what happened in football Saturday was that, as expected, a run on defensive linemen and running backs left the Patriots having to pick either for need, which would lead them toward help in the secondary, or for value, which would have brought them an offensive lineman like Ohio State's massive Korey Stringer, a 346-pound blocking machine.

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