blocking in in a sentence

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  1. Good : Has given Cowboys solid blocking in short-yardage situations.
  2. But there was no chop-blocking in that game.
  3. Four of the penalties were for blocking in the back.
  4. Backus was blocking in a drill when he crashed to the ground.
  5. But blocking in this offense is a priority.
  6. It's difficult to find blocking in in a sentence.
  7. Normally he can be found blocking in San Diego's power running game.
  8. Blocking in this game uses barriers which break if they take too many hits.
  9. Would calling this block a fucking joke be considered grounds for blocking in turn?
  10. Everybody might be blocking in one direction, and you come from the other side.
  11. The FCC imposed no fine, but required Comcast to end such blocking in 2008.
  12. :: Blocking in this case seems like a fairly sensible option, in all fairness.
  13. The first method increases latency, but allows performing decoding and de-blocking in parallel.
  14. Said Rathman, " I think he showed talent as far as blocking in the preseason.
  15. :: The expertise for oversighting edits is minimal, on par with blocking in my opinion.
  16. When it dried, he made his first sketch in charcoal, blocking in the figures and scenes.
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