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  1. The blocking high formed near Greenland this week and then drifted toward Canada.
  2. Greenland is a favored place for blocking highs to form.
  3. Sometimes the west-to-east flow of the jet stream is halted by a blocking high.
  4. However, in most of New South Wales this blocking high produced uninterrupted dry weather.
  5. Low-pressure systems stagnate in the vicinity of a blocking high, setting the stage for protracted precipitation.
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  7. The slow chill in Rapid City came courtesy of a blocking high pressure system over northern Canada.
  8. A series of blocking high pressure systems over Canada diverted a branch jet stream southward over the nation.
  9. This week, the Pacific jet stream was diverted south by a blocking high pressure system over western Canada.
  10. An arctic air mass has been trapped across interior Alaska by a blocking high-pressure system over the Bering Sea.
  11. Awnings can add shade by blocking high-angle sunlight and are most effective on the south side of a building.
  12. Specifically, the blocking high will thwart the wholesale advance of a Pacific low pressure system stalled west of California.
  13. All three extremes were related to a blocking high pressure system stalled over the upper Middle West this week.
  14. Blocking high pressure over Canada has diverted the active jet stream far south, setting the stage for a very damp Tampa.
  15. The celerity of Thursday's storm system can be traced to a blocking high pressure system off the coast of western Alaska.
  16. With a good knowledge of blocking high patterns, the model performs with an impressive accuracy that is useful to the end user.
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