blind shaft in a sentence

  1. But that is the case with Li Yang's " Blind Shaft ."
  2. "Blind Shaft " wrings humor out of the pettiness of its determined killers.
  3. Liu won the ADF Cinematographer Award for Blind Shaft in 2003.
  4. Best new performer : Wang Baoqiang ( " Blind Shaft ")
  5. Best screenplay adaptation : Li Yang ( " Blind Shaft ")
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  7. These blind shafts saved having to pack the'old man '.
  8. Deeper levels were connected by blind shafts.
  9. Because " Blind Shaft " is directed with airtight ruthlessness, its relentless and tough-minded storytelling has a grueling precision.
  10. "Blind Shaft " is a character study that focuses tightly on two amoral sharks doing all they can to survive.
  11. Other nominees for best film include China's " Blind Shaft, " a story about murder and corruption in the mining industry.
  12. This uranium mineralisation was much larger than at H鋗merlein and two blind shaft were sunk to deeper parts of the deposits.
  13. There are any number of scams going on in " Blind Shaft, " but we get the nastiest one out of the way first.
  14. Director Li Yang's " Blind Shaft " tells the story of two mine workers who kill colleagues to earn hush money from mine owners.
  15. Blind Shaft in total won 12 awards and was nominated for six . " Grain in Ear " won the ACID award at Cannes in 2005.
  16. As well as at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, for his work as director of photography on " Blind Shaft " ( 2003 ).
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