blind search in a sentence

  1. For the problem of optimizing f over the set V, then no algorithm performs better than blind search.
  2. Thus complicated heuristic functions are developed to attempt to find a derivation in less time than a blind search.
  3. Europe, which lacks a single port and maritime security agency, plans to favor targeted shipment inspections instead of blind searches.
  4. They were developed to serve as aids in diagnosis, not blind searches for what may or may not be wrong with a patient.
  5. Five divers tried a blind search Saturday because visibility was poor, said Chris Hugo, who works with the state Board of Underwater Archaeological Research.
  6. It's difficult to find blind search in a sentence.
  7. :: : If they resorted to a blind search, they'd have to examine several trillion web pages ( I think that's how many there are now ) for instances of your phrase.
  8. Here, " blind search " means that at each step of the algorithm, the element v \ in V is chosen at random with uniform probability distribution from the elements of V that have not been chosen previously.
  9. A blind search of more than four years of " Fermi " data, led by Holger Pletsch, revealed that 2FGL J1317.7 3429 was a millisecond pulsar with a 2.5 millisecond period, the first example of a millisecond pulsar detected via gamma-ray pulsations.
  10. My passion is for moviegoing : the cozy comfort of sitting in the dark with a tubful of freshly popped kernels in my lap, the hush that settles over the audience when the feature begins, the awed gasps of the crowd when the plot twists, my blind search for a tissue during a tearjerker and the sense of satisfaction that engulfs me as the credits roll.

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