blind box in a sentence

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  1. Those addresses may be blind boxes . " _ _ _=
  2. Some assortment figures are packaged in identifiable small boxes, in contrast to blind box figures.
  3. They even used the so-called " blind boxes " for voters who wouldn't vote for them.
  4. They are sold as blind boxes, gashapon and in UFO catchers and other prize machines in Japan's arcades.
  5. Nendoroid Petites are sold either as complete sets or in blind boxes that have a single random character.
  6. It's difficult to find blind box in a sentence.
  7. Whether in blind box assortments or not, figures released in assortments are designated as regular or " hikimono ".
  8. They were available in blister packs with multiple figurines and in blind boxes that came with jelly beans and three figurines.
  9. In blind box assortments, figures are sold in cases of 12, and each case of 12 figures is further packed into a " master " case of four cases.
  10. Blind box packaging with the addition of chase figures creates an element of chance in purchasing Kubricks, and prompts some collectors to trade figures among themselves to complete their collections.
  11. Both will be released again by Kidrobot x The Simpsons for The Treehouse of Horrors 3 " Blind Box release along with 10 other characters from the Treehouse series on September 2013.
  12. Bearbricks are most often sold individually in " blind box " assortments, in which figures are packed in small boxes, and the only way to know which particular figure is inside a particular box is to purchase and open the box.
  13. In 2013, Ron also collaborated with rock band Pearl Jam to produce " Falla Sheep ", a blind box line-up featuring 7 color variants of 3.5 " sheep in wolves'clothing toys, which were distributed through stores and also sold at shows during Pearl Jam's 2013 tour.

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