blind boone in a sentence

  1. Blind Boone played the piano at the opera house in 1893.
  2. Composers featured on the album include Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Franz Schubert, Blind Boone, Blind Tom, and Ossip Gabrilowitsch.
  3. The Boone County Historical Society is the home to the pianist John W . Blind Boone, 125-year-old Chickering grand piano.
  4. The John William Boone Heritage Foundation was founded to preserve the history of Blind Boone and to elaborate the important role Missouri played in the development of Ragtime and early Jazz music.
  5. Upon his return to Iowa, Lange found his young protege had acquired much new skill, and with the addition of a vocalist, began billing as the Blind Boone Concert Company.
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  7. A series of Chautauqua events over the course of several summers entertained the residents, as did famed showman and Wild West figure Blind Boone also performed in concert at the Clever school gym.
  8. He was buried at the Columbia Cemetery ( Columbia, Missouri ) . " Blind Boone, His Early Life and Achievements, " Mrs . Melissa Fuell-Cuther, B . S . D ., Evangel Pub.
  9. The screenplay of " Blind Boone ", written by Morath and his colleague Moss Hall, was a first-prize winner in the category'Music-Inspired Drama'at the Nashville Film Festival in March 2015.

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