blind bit in a sentence

"blind bit" in Chinese  
  1. Doesn't make a blind bit of difference.
  2. Greengrass's investigation was a success, though Harries admits his own programme " didn't make a blind bit of difference ".
  3. Much later in the film, flashbacks reveal that years ago an Russia at the time, no one pays the law a blind bit of notice.
  4. He hasn't taken a blind bit of notice to why he was blocked and is continuing to make faulty edits leaving other editors having to go out of their way to correct him.
  5. The " Clare Herald " for example doesn't take a blind bit of notice of this aspect if it-it carried the story from a finance perspective, because Windjet was leasing the Irish registered plane.
  6. It's difficult to find blind bit in a sentence.
  7. If however, you don't see just how disruptive the difference between " is " and " was " in the context of the IRA, well pointing it out to you will not make a blind bit of difference.
  8. I hope this has been posted to the right place, but the instructions on reporting such matters did not make a blind bit of sense, and the article itself didn't seem to have any way of informing the original authers.
  9. Your height doesn't make blind bit of difference, either, as taller people have better range while shorter people have less to guard, and they can reach their opponent's unguarded lower body ( with ep閑 at any rate ) more easily .-- Howard Train 00 : 23, 5 July 2006 ( UTC)

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