blended name in a sentence

  1. When using this method, the name of the dominant individual begins the blended name of the fused being.
  2. There are the bowls with blended names that sound more mellifluous ( Tostitos Fiesta ) than others ( Crucial . comHumanitarian Bowl ).
  3. Since the late 1990s, it has also become common for celebrity couples to be given blended names in the media, usually made by combining elements of the given name of the people involved.
  4. In August 2013, while on a cruise with friends, Vega became engaged to actor and singer, Carlos Pena Jr . The couple married on January 4, 2014, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and changed their surname to the blended name, PenaVega.
  5. The company also publishes " The FLIPSTER ", a popular e-zine full of rants, reviews, and recommendations . " The FLIPSTER " is ( virtually ) published and the issues are given blended names, resulting in issue dates such as Mapril and Jebruary.
  6. It's difficult to find blended name in a sentence.

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