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  1. Another fragile candidate mineral is sphalerite ( zinc blende ).
  2. GaSb is a III-V semiconductor with the zinc blende crystal structure.
  3. Pitche Blende, however, remained experimental in nature.
  4. Pb ., and when blende is present, to about 42 per cent.
  5. Crystallographically the structure of chalcopyrite is closely related to that of zinc blende ZnS ( sphalerite ).
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  7. Both zinc-blende crystal ); as well as poled polymers with specifically designed organic molecules.
  8. The gold ore comes from the quartz veins containing pyrrhotite, pyrite, galena and zinc blende.
  9. The main yields were lead and zinc ores, in particular galena, blende, cerussite and gossan.
  10. Synthetic single crystals of semiconductor materials are generally sold as thin zinc blende structure, with similar cleavage planes.
  11. This raised galena and blende from an east-west vein system with two major levels being over 100 ft long.
  12. Small amounts of lead and zinc were raised between 1532 and 1891, the principal ores being blende, cerussite and galena.
  13. In 1908 a substantial stone building was erected by F . J . Fairweather and Sons on the corner of Blende and Sulphide Streets.
  14. While examining the spectroscopic lines in zinc blende the French chemist Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran found indications of a new element in the ore.
  15. It blendes musical instruments native to distant countries; such as, Tibet and India, together with instruments from Puerto Rico and South America.
  16. "' Pitche Blende "'was an American garage rock / psychedelic rock band formed in 1967, in Saginaw, Michigan.
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