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  1. Enterprises, too, blazed a trail in the course of the transformational process.
  2. Here in Macedonia Wiesel blazed a trail like few other visiting dignitaries.
  3. And one simply cannot blaze a trail that has already been blazed.
  4. She would prefer to help blaze a trail to Mars for future explorers.
  5. The point of being a pioneer is to blaze a trail for others.
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  7. The other blazed a trail into what its designers saw as the future.
  8. In 1830 he helped blaze a trail from Fort Gibson to Fort Towson.
  9. I am thankful that Indochina's Buddhist monks have blazed a trail for me.
  10. He is blazing a trail, he believes, for him and others.
  11. Yet Thompson, for one, says Stead is blazing a trail.
  12. Yet, blazing a trail-- and often also torching it-- Cosell introduced journalism to sportscasting.
  13. "I'm fortunate enough that I came from a time when we blazed a trail.
  14. He's hoping to blaze a trail for his fellow jumpers.
  15. But one innovative delivery boy managed to blaze a trail.
  16. They see someone who is blazing a trail for them.
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