black in a sentence

"black" meaning  "black" in Chinese  
  1. That production was a black version of the 1946 Menotti work.
  2. "The symbolism correlates with the black colleges'struggles.
  3. It is colored in yellow, red, black and green.
  4. If she had been black, she would have been admitted.
  5. Black businessmen say banks remain reluctant to lend money to them.
  6. It's difficult to find black in a sentence.
  7. You have a black man accused of killing a white woman,
  8. The most awesome site we dived is called Black Rock Canyon.
  9. Do you know how many blacks and Hispanics idolize Don Mattingly?
  10. For years, blacks have often joked bitterly about extracting reparations.
  11. The Japanese situation made reparation achievable and measurable for black Americans,
  12. \teaspoon freshly ground black pepper plus more for seasoning to taste
  13. A black cat streaks across the apartment's living room.
  14. Perhaps they were more alarmed by the prospect of black rule.
  15. He ran his hand along Truman's black cushioned chair.
  16. I've been black all my life, thank you.
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