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  1. Disparities among some of the biopsy findings were sent to be confirmed by the CDC in Atlanta.
  2. Liver biopsy findings will generally show a bright yellow-orange color, enlarged, lipid-laden hepatocytes and Kupffer cells, microvesicular and macrovesicular steatosis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis.
  3. In such cases a close working relationship between the pathologist and gastroenterologist with correlation of clinical, endoscopic, and biopsy findings may be of great benefit to the submitting physician and to the patient.
  4. While biopsy findings may not be diagnostic, they have significant value, as they help exclude alternate diagnoses, e . g . vasculitis, that often cannot be made confidently based on clinical criteria.
  5. Published evidence, clinical manifestations, and biopsy findings A recent study with Wild-type mice exposed to recurrent dehydration induced by heat stress produced a similar pattern of kidney injury, thus providing a potential etiological mechanism for MeN, by activation of the polyol pathway, via metabolism by fructokinase, resulting in generation of endogenous fructose and uric acid in the kidney that subsequently induces renal injury.
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