biopsied in a sentence

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  1. On Tuesday, Renee went to get her lymph nodes biopsied.
  2. It was biopsied, and I learned I had a malignancy.
  3. Cervical lymph nodes that are larger than 1 cm must be biopsied.
  4. Birefringence of particles biopsied from pulmonary nodules indicates silicosis.
  5. They look like intracranial neoplasms, and sometimes they get biopsied as suspected tumors.
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  7. Katherine went in for her surgery to remove the tumor and have it biopsied.
  8. Proliferative nodules are usually biopsied and are regularly but not systematically found to be benign.
  9. Microscopic evaluation of biopsied renal tissue will reveal linear deposits of Immunoglobulin G by immunofluorescence.
  10. In addition, in some cases the radiologists disagreed as to which breast should be biopsied.
  11. Before removing a diseased liver, she said, the surrounding lymph nodes should be biopsied.
  12. Some patients with liver tumors that can be biopsied through the skin may also be eligible.
  13. He orders that Tracy be treated for porphyria and that Jeremy's bowel be biopsied.
  14. But a recent mammogram found some calcifications in her breasts and she must now have them biopsied.
  15. Each whirring sound meant the little knife was taking out tiny beads of tissue to be biopsied.
  16. Because the PSA was high, the gland was biopsied by inserting needles through the rectum wall.
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