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  1. NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas maintains a Bioastronautics Library ( map ).
  2. Bioastronautics is an area of bioengineering research which spans the study and support of life in China, Japan and Iran.
  3. Bioastronautics includes many similarities with its sister discipline astronautical hygiene; they both study the hazards that humans may encounter during a space flight.
  4. The one-room facility provides a collection of textbooks, reference books, conference proceedings, and academic journals related to bioastronautics topics.
  5. The transition from expendable physicochemical methods to sustainable bioregenerative systems that function as a robust miniature ecosystem is another goal of bioastronautics in facilitating long duration space travel.
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  7. In July 1962, he returned to Brooks Air Force Base where he continued his research, served as intelligence analyst for Soviet bioastronautics and was active as a NASA flight controller for the Gemini missions.
  8. Flickinger, and his mentor Randy Lovelace ( the bioastronautics pioneer who performed the medical selection of the Mercury Seven ), had a far-reaching interest in research on the suitability of women as astronauts.
  9. Guy Fogleman, head of NASA bioastronautics research, said the four toughest problems that must be solved are space radiation, bone loss from weightlessness, the psychology of long-term spaceflight, and developing technologies for remote medical diagnosis and treatment.
  10. Over time, his involvement on the mountain rescue team fed his interest in helping people while doing something he loved and he changed his educational course to pursue bioastronautics-related graduate degrees, studying how humans perform in the harsh environment of space.
  11. Over the years, he was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee on Bioastronautics and a consultant to the surgeon general of the United States, the U . S . Army and a federal advisory committee on education, among others.
  12. He was a Member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a member of the Armenian Academy of Sciences, the Vice-President of the International Academy of Astronautics, the Chairman of the Committee on Bioastronautics of the International Astronautics Federation.
  13. Astronautical hygiene is an applied scientific discipline that requires knowledge and experience of many fields including bioastronautics, space medicine, ergonomics etc . The skills of astronautical hygiene are already being applied for example, to characterise moon dust and design the measures to mitigate exposure during lunar exploration, to develop accurate chemical monitoring techniques and use the results in the setting SMACs.

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