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  1. Natural products may be extracted from the drug discovery screens or bioassays.
  2. At the MRC Irwin wrote a series of important papers on bioassay.
  3. Strongly positive human bioassays have been reported using some clones.
  4. Immunostimulatory activity was measured using transcription factor-based bioassay.
  5. This may occur if the bioassay is not controlled properly.
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  7. Techniques to merge the POCIS device with bioassays are also under development.
  8. These bioassay tests evaluate effects based on different toxicological endpoints.
  9. An extensive bioassay system with RAS is another feature.
  10. It also develops bioassays on a contract service basis.
  11. Since then this elongation effect has been used for the bioassay of leptomycin.
  12. Bioassay-guided fractionation is a common method to find biologically active compounds.
  13. Mutatox is another similar bioassay approach that uses bioluminescent bacteria to determine genotoxicity.
  14. Bioassays and immunoassays are utilized for toxicity evaluations of chemical effects on various organisms.
  15. BioImage specializes in developing and selling proprietary bioassays to biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions.
  16. There are many different bioassays available for testing.
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