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  1. This bioartificial organ platform is termed a " ghost heart " because of its opaque white appearance.
  2. The two have co-invested before in deals, such as Circe Biomedical, a Lexington developer of bioartificial organs.
  3. Developing a membrane using microelectromechanical systems ( MEMS ) technology is a limiting step in creating an implantable, bioartificial kidney.
  4. Several studies have been dedicated towards the development of bioartificial pancreas involving the immobilization of islets of Langerhans inside polymeric capsules.
  5. Although far from use in a clinical setting, there have been great advances in the field of bioartificial heart generation.
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  7. Nephrologist David Humes of the University of Michigan has taken on an even more elaborate engineering challenge : developing a bioartificial kidney.
  8. She is the author of Microfabrication in Tissue Engineering and Bioartificial Organs and co-author of the undergraduate textbook Tissue Engineering.
  9. In order to successfully create bioartificial organs from a patients stem cells, researchers continue to make improvements in the generation of complex tissues by tissue engineering.
  10. Researchers at MIT claim to have designed a bioartificial device that replicates the function of the nephron s glomerulus, proximal convoluted tubule and loop of Henle.
  11. The ultimate goal of tissue engineering as a discipline is to allow both'off the shelf'bioartificial organs and regeneration of injured tissue in the body.
  12. The major strategies of regenerative medicine include dedifferentiating injury site cells, transplanting stem cells, implanting lab-grown tissues and organs, and implanting bioartificial tissues.
  13. The "'ESAO "'is committing to play a pivotal role to encourage and promote research on artificial and bioartificial organs and related areas.
  14. Currently, neurotrophic factors are being intensely studied for use in bioartificial nerve conduits because they are necessary " in vivo " for directing axon growth and regeneration.
  15. Bioartificial organs, which use both synthetic and biological component, are also a focus area in research, such as with hepatic assist devices that use liver cells within an artificial bioreactor construct.
  16. Additionally, with cardiac researcher Jose Di Diego, MD, Antzelevitch is exploring the heart-related therapeutic applications of human induced pluripotent stem cells and progenitor cells, including a possible role in the engineering of bioartificial hearts suitable for heart transplantation.
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