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  1. The reliability of bioartificial livers
  2. Bioartificial liver : technical improvement of cell culture and bioreactor
  3. Effects of a non - woven fabric bioreactor based bioartificial liver on fulminant hepatic failure in pigs
  4. The main results and conclusions of this study are as follows : 1 . the cn2006 bioartificial liver supporting device realized computer - based closed - loop control
  5. Recent years , various new techniques , such as bioartificial liver system , hepatocyte transplantation and tissue engineering , were being employed to fight against the liver diseases
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  7. 3 . the cn2006 bioartificial liver supporting device was developed by using the preci - sion nc machine tools , with optimalized manufacturing process , electrical wiring , and
  8. The bioartificial liver supporting system mainly consists of the supporting device , the bioreactor and cells , and the supporting device is essential for the clinical treatment of patients with hepatic failure
  9. The thesis is part of a project on the bioartificial liver bioreactor , which is an international project of cooperation between china and australia . the main objective of this project is to design the milling system of the bioreactor , to test and study the milling effect
  10. Hence , in the present study , we aimed at the disadvantages of currently available bioartificial liver supporting devices , the international trend in the development of such devices , and the clinical demands , and developed the bioartificial liver supporting device suitable for chinese patients
  11. The user can adjust the system according to the touchscreen display . 2 . mechatronics - based control was realized by combining programmable logic controler ( plc ) and human - machine interface technology , which can control the cn2006 bioartificial liver supporting device and has advantages such as being reliable , stable , safe , and easy to develop and expand

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