bioart in a sentence

  1. Genetic engineering is also being used to create BioArt.
  2. In addition to his scientific and educational interests, he has developed BioArt projects using living organisms.
  3. The term has also been adopted in the new BioArt, not rarely without using its critical impacts.
  4. They were also eligible for inclusion in future histories of art because they heralded arts venture into BioArt.
  5. In March 2014, the rice sector reacted with  astonishment at Bioart's role in the export of rice.
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  7. "' Anna Dumitriu "'is a visual and performance artist based in Brighton, England specialising in bioart.
  8. Her BioArt works have aroused strong responses and have been a basis for discussions of the body, art, and ethics.
  9. The phrase " BioArt " was coined by Eduardo Kac in 1997 in relation to his artwork " Time Capsule ".
  10. "' Heather Barnett "'is an English artist and university professor working in BioArt, environmental art, and food art.
  11. Beginning Fall 2008 at Loyola University Chicago, Cole taught a new course she created titled, " BioArt : Exploring Living Organisms through Art ".
  12. The apparent result of the visit, however, was that Bioart became a central player in grain export deals that would attract a great deal of criticism.
  13. In January 2014, Fedenar filed complaints about Bioart's involvement, to no avail, with Argentinian Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich and Agriculture Minister Carlos Casamiquela.
  14. The directors of Fedenar, the national federation of Argentinian rice producers, warned in October 2013 of Bioart's intrusion in negotiations with Venezuela for rice exports.
  15. His art can be described as kinetic art, photography, BioArt, liquid photography, flow-tography, nature photography, scientific photography, and motion photography.
  16. In recent years, he has developed the field of BioArt and was Chair of the Posthumanism theme and Executive Committee member for the 2009 International Symposium of Electronic Art.
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