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  1. An area of increasing interest among bioarchaeologists interested in understanding inequality is the study of violence.
  2. Two recent studies highlight the kinds of questions that bioarchaeologists are asking of the skeletal material excavated from Kerma.
  3. Bioarchaeologists use this program in the same way as forensic anthropologists, but in more of an archaeology context.
  4. Bioarchaeologists can examine teeth and look for the presence or absence of dental caries ( cavities ), use tooth wear analysis, or they can use stable isotope analysis, specifically through carbon and nitrogen isotopes.
  5. This program is also used by many bioarchaeologists to conduct bio distance studies of skeletal remains, by comparing craniometric measurements of found archaeological remains with craniometric measurements of known skeletal remains from medical and legal institutions.
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  7. Sexing skeletons is based on the observation that biological males and biological females differ most in the skull and pelvis; bioarchaeologists focus on these parts of the body when determining sex, although other body parts can also be used.
  8. Currently, some bioarchaeologists are coming to view the discipline as lying at a crucial interface between the science and the humanities; as the human body is non-static, and is constantly being made and re-made by both biological and cultural factors.
  9. The bioarchaeologists who examined the remains have suggested that the combined evidence for differences in mortuary treatment and epidemiology indicate that some individuals and communities at Harappa were excluded from access to basic resources like health and safety, a basic feature of hierarchical societies world-wide.

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