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  1. It doesn't take a bioanthropologist to figure out that " Prey " is little more than peacock prey.
  2. Sonia Guillen, a Peruvian bioanthropologist with Mallque, a research institute, speaks of the ice woman intimately : " She is delightful.
  3. Messing is Sloan Parker, a bioanthropologist who learns about the mysterious species from her mentor, a scientist who is murdered in Thursday's episode.
  4. "We have a complete context, " says bioanthropologist Sonia Guillen, director of the Mallqui ( " mummy " ) Center in Ilo, Peru.
  5. "It is certainly one of the most important discoveries in Peru since the Lords of Sipan, " said Dr . Sonia Guillen, a Peruvian bioanthropologist who specializes in mummy studies.
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  7. Dr . Silvia Quevedo, a Chilean bioanthropologist, explained that " each layer of clothing has meaning and describes the person " _ her social class, marital status, age and other characteristics.
  8. Parker is a gifted bioanthropologist whose mentor dies early in tonight's premiere episode of " Prey, " the victim of a grisly murder that points to a vicious serial killer named Randall Lynch.
  9. "We are taking an unnecessary risk moving the mummy at this time because we just don't know enough about conserving these type of frozen remains, " said Dr . Sonia Guillen, a Peruvian bioanthropologist who is an expert on mummies.

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