bio in a sentence

  1. A few vital statistics, per Benzali's ABC bio:
  2. Like Sunrise's other divisions, Bio Clinic operated autonomously.
  3. Actually, Cale was a primary source for the Reed bio.
  4. In short, they tend to be more pic than bio.
  5. Bio warfare will become to us what smallpox used to be.
  6. It's difficult to find bio in a sentence.
  7. Molecular Bio and Mallinckrodt are well-positioned, he added.
  8. Wilfredo Feliciano, an artist better known as Bio, said.
  9. But only now can they confirm an outright bio-eradication.
  10. Bio-Cypher has facilities in Sacramento, Fresno and Burbank.
  11. McCain's bio in the academy yearbook said it all:
  12. But the new agriculture involves far more than bio-engineering.
  13. The bio is jammed with facts, stats, and minutia.
  14. DAVID SEGUI BIO Age : 33 Height : 6-1.
  15. One is inorganically organic, the other almost bio-mechanical.
  16. Herein the standard bio for many such grown-up vidkids:
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