binding in a sentence

"binding" meaning  
  1. John Tomac slips in and out of gears, not bindings.
  2. The Players Association has not endorsed the idea of binding arbitration.
  3. Why then is Washington not pressing for such a binding vote?
  4. We are overwhelming successful at getting cases ordered into binding arbitration,
  5. George counters that the contract between the two parties is binding.
  6. It's difficult to find binding in a sentence.
  7. Tuesday, Qian said China preferred a binding convention halting production.
  8. West Germany responded by binding itself unequivocally into the western alliance.
  9. A hold is a nonlegal binding promise to record a song.
  10. Binding platforms are farther forward for a better center of gravity.
  11. In some states, movers can charge extra for binding estimates.
  12. Husk said the state is unlikely to submit to binding arbitration.
  13. Obviously, the moral debt to Moorer isn't binding.
  14. It needs to be endorsed by EU governments to become binding.
  15. But just such works are the binding threads of art history.
  16. The bills would insure that the promise of support was binding.
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