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  1. He was promoted to Judge Advocate Division, assuming the billet on September 29, promoted on October 7.
  2. Zhitnik flew from his native Ukraine on Wednesday, and he and agent Serge Levin met with Sabres general manager Darcy Regier and team negotiator Kevin Billet on Thursday.
  3. That year, Congress approved a change to Title 10 USC Section 6015 to permit the Navy to assign women to fill sea duty billets on support and noncombatant ships.
  4. In 1898 the " Mark III " appeared, which had the addition of a V-shaped arrangement of strap billets on the sideboards for the attachment of the girth.
  5. A measuring tape is then used to measure from the middle hole of the billet on one side, under the horse's belly, to the middle billet on the other side.
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  7. A measuring tape is then used to measure from the middle hole of the billet on one side, under the horse's belly, to the middle billet on the other side.
  8. His final billet on active duty, from 1972 to 1974, was as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations ( Submarine Warfare ), OP-02, on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations.
  9. Radermacher and Willenbrock had known each other for several years, mostly through service onboard U-5, and Radermacher was offered the navigator's billet on U-96, which he promptly accepted.
  10. While commanding " Boston ", Colbert applied for one of the two military billets on the Paul H . Nitze, a former PPC chairman whose aide Elmo R . Zumwalt, Jr ., " pulled the necessary levers ."
  11. _That the Canadian Hockey League have a national education policy for players, coaches, general managers, trainers, parents and billets on issues ranging from sexual assault and harassment to hazing and how to be more tolerant of gay men and women.
  12. He served earlier in his career in policy, strategy and operations billets on multiple tours with the U . S . Pacific Fleet staff, the Navy staff and the Joint Staff, and as the Navy s military aide to the Vice President of the United States.
  13. The Lords of Bolanden stood as Imperial ministeriales in the service of the ecclesiastical Electorate of Mainz, whose coat of arms bore a quarterly with the silver wheel on blue in the 鹯st and fourth 鹐lds and the silver anchor with the ten billets on green in the second and third 鹐lds.
  14. When used, a "'back cinch "', made of several thicknesses of leather, is held on by a simple heavy leather billet on each side of the saddle that buckles just tight enough to touch the underside of the horse, but not tight enough to provoke discomfort or bucking.
  15. Petty officer appointments were typically made by a ship's captain  sailors could also be " rated on the books " as a petty officer when a ship was in port searching for a crew Honesty was implied, as a sailor falsely claiming experience in order to rate a billet on board ship would be quickly discovered once at sea.
  16. The Wheel of Mainz refers to Electoral Mainz s former hegemony in the region, while the pallet ( narrow vertical stripe ), and the billets on the sinister ( armsbearer s left, viewer s right ) side are drawn from the arms formerly borne by the Barons of Hoheneck, who are known to have been in R鰈lbach in 1718, and who died out in 1808.
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