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  1. It works by placing the billet in a heavy walled container.
  2. They may enter through a billet in the Delayed Entry Program ( DEP ).
  3. Workers were transported in from billets in Hereford, Leominster and Ross on Wye.
  4. At that time, he held the senior command billet in the SEAL reserve community.
  5. Second warrant officers can take up many billets in command, staff, and instructional settings.
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  7. The 1901 house known as Carfield Castle was used as an officers'billet in World War I.
  8. The government had instituted a civilian pilot training program and was offering one billet in 10 for female candidates.
  9. Press Metal is said to be the only large-scale commercial producer of aluminium billets in the country.
  10. Townsley commanded several artillery garrisons before returning to the academy to occupy the superintendent's billet in 1912.
  11. In January 1941 the 8th Battalion relocated to billets in disused mills at Biddulph, with B Company at Huyton.
  12. Assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps in 1982, Major Huly served in various billets in the Personnel Management Division until 1984.
  13. Most of the 48 killed in the raid were victims of a single bomb which fell on an Army billet in Cleethorpes.
  14. During weeks 9-12, Candidates are now referred to as Candidate Officers, and are given billets in the regiment.
  15. A planned move the next day was postponed and on 21 April, the unit moved back into Germany to occupy billets in Wilderhausen.
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