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  1. Also, it may be ordered in conjunction with a bilirubin.
  2. Liver GvHD is measured by the bilirubin level in acute patients.
  3. In human metabolism, bilirubin is a breakdown product of heme.
  4. In the intestine, bilirubin is converted by bacteria to stercobilinogen.
  5. :Hemolysis will result in a temporary increase in uncongugated bilirubin.
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  7. Males additionally displayed decreased circulating glucose and increased circulating bilirubin levels.
  8. Bilirubin levels greater than 10x normal could indicate neoplastic or intrahepatic cholestasis.
  9. Some textbooks and research articles show the incorrect geometric isomer of bilirubin.
  10. He invented the bilirubinometer which measures the amount of bilirubin in blood.
  11. Of special importance was his synthesis of bilirubin and haemin.
  12. Exchange transfusions performed to lower high bilirubin levels are an aggressive treatment.
  13. CAR-regulated genes are involved in drug metabolism and bilirubin clearance.
  14. Bilirubin is a waste product of the breakdown of hemoglobin.
  15. :The color is mostly due to bilirubin and biliverdin.
  16. The hemoglobin is metabolized to bilirubin ( causing jaundice ).
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