bilir in a sentence

  1. Album includes Kibariye's hit song " Kim Bilir ".
  2. The attack on Bilir was the latest in a series of ambushes and kidnapping targeting Turkish workers in Iraq.
  3. Nizamettin Bilir, 46, from southern Hatay province, was killed as he made a delivery Monday near Mosul, private NTV television and the Anatolia news agency reported.
  4. Pinar Bilir, 19, a sophomore, said, " In one English class I got an A, and all I did was write the paper and talk to the preceptor ."
  5. "' Ali F . Bilir "'( born in 1945 in G黮nar, Mersin, Turkey ) is a poet, author and critic, and an active member of Turkish Authors Association.
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  7. Huseyin Bilir, a police official employed at the same hospital, said the bloodshed occurred in the mainly Kurdish district of Kucukkirim on the outskirts of the town when Kurdish demonstrators did not heed police calls to disperse.
  8. Ali F . Bilir is also a member of Turkish Authors Association ( The European Writers Council ( EWC ), Language Association of Turkey ( Dil Dernei ), and Big Bend Poets chapter of the Florida State Poets Association.
  9. Also, Ben Bilmem E _ im Bilir ( My Partner Knows ) is a format created by him, still continuing nearly after 290 episodes of broadcast at Kanal D and in order to contribute to awareness of this format in international area, he has made successful attempts.
  10. Ali F . Bilir's last poetry book " Migration Ballads " is being granted by the Turkish government as one of the significant examples of Turkish written heritage . " Migration Ballads " is published by Plain View Press, U . S . A, in 2008, within the scope of TEDA project.
  11. He also contributed a lot for the development of D Productions, which has been producing many successful screen contents like 謞le Bir Ge鏴r Zaman Ki, G黱e _ i Beklerken, K黭 Kad1nlar, Yalan D黱ya, Geni _  Aile, Ben Bilmem E _ im Bilir and Evim ^ ahane, to become one of the leading content production companies in Turkey.
  12. She featured in DMC's " Pop muzik project " with ENBE Orchestra with the songs " " 0zmir Bilir Ya " and " Kalp Kalbe Kar _ 1 " and " Son Opucuk " and " Ask Her seye Deger " and " Ben de Dahil . " On January 22, 2009, she put her first full album which carries her own name.

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