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  1. Q : What exactly is Utah's law on bigamy?
  2. (2 ) Bigamy is a felony of the third degree.
  4. Bigamy and nonsupport could each bring maximum terms of five years.
  5. It will also demonstrate that it's bigamy ."
  6. It's difficult to find bigamy in a sentence.
  7. Most males are monogamous, but occasional bigamy has been encountered.
  8. More so than gay marriage, bigamy, etc . Thanks.
  9. Moll acquires five husbands, as she is quite comfortable with bigamy.
  10. COL . 1 of OSTLER05 ( 9886 )-- Journalistic bigamy?
  11. Convictions on the bigamy charges could bring him 20 years in prison.
  12. He has done so exactly to make any bigamy prosecution very difficult.
  13. The clerk even warned me that I could be charged with bigamy,
  14. A police investigation for bigamy is usually initiated by a wronged spouse.
  15. Bigamy, once discouraged, has become commonplace among the male elite.
  16. Poverty excused bigamy on the part of a deserted wife.
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