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  1. The supposed widower, Harold Oakeshott, later married again, bigamously.
  2. On August 10, 1946, Hubbard bigamously married Sara, while still married to Polly.
  3. He had planned to bigamously marry Simone Banarjee, having told her he had terminal leukemia.
  4. In 1906 he remarried ( possibly bigamously ), to Jean Alexander, daughter of Joseph Crawhall.
  5. On 25 October 1858, Mary married Percy Rollo Brett ( possibly bigamously ) at Dunolly, Victoria.
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  7. Upon tracking them down to a harbor in bigamously married Sara and went on to found Dianetics and Scientology.
  8. "' Arnold Henry Swain "'was a pet shop owner who bigamously married Emily Bishop in 1980.
  9. The accusation was based on the testimony of bigamously married a 69-year-old guest-house proprietress, Emma Nugent.
  10. Seven months before that, on 4 September 1943, Blythe had bigamously " married " Virginia Dell Cassidy of Bodcaw, Arkansas.
  11. For some reason, he became estranged from his wife whereupon Colburn bigamously married Elizabeth Suzanna Browning from London in New York in September 1860.
  12. He wooed Helen Matheson, the 21-year-old daughter of his landlady and married her, bigamously, on 18 February 1890.
  13. Although he already has a wife in Boston, Jorgenson bigamously marries Mimi to get his hands on the large divorce settlement Wynant provides for her.
  14. Frederick and Mary Ann were bigamously married on 17 September 1870 at St Andrew's, Newcastle Upon Tyne and their son Robert was born early in 1871.
  15. In 1986, it was revealed that throughout all the convoluted events of the past several years, Asa had been bigamously married to another woman, Pamela Stuart.
  16. He persuaded her to marry him bigamously and then to live with him in obscurity first on the Continent, then in Britain, and finally in the United States.
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