bigamists in a sentence

"bigamists" in Chinese  
  1. Lax laws elsewhere in Asia also make it easy for bigamists.
  2. If both are true then he would have been a bigamist.
  3. This follows with Grampa announcing that his son is a bigamist.
  4. A bigamist Chinese businessman shared his life with two wives.
  5. I . O . Snopes is revealed as a bigamist.
  6. It's difficult to find bigamists in a sentence.
  7. They mercilessly attacked Rachel as an adulterer and a bigamist.
  8. He was a gambler and bigamist with a ferocious temper.
  9. Alice herself does not care that her husband may be a bigamist.
  10. She seems to be saying that he is a bigamist.
  11. :: She never wrote that Mr . Rathbun is a bigamist.
  12. "Let the bigamists worry about that, " she says.
  13. "They're rounding up the bigamists before the Olympics start.
  14. She directed and acted in " The Bigamist " in 1953.
  15. The Court held that Reynolds had freely admitted that he was a bigamist.
  16. However, what nobody in Rosehill knew was that Ben was a bigamist.
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