big heart in a sentence

"big heart" in Chinese  
  1. Miss Eaglen has a big heart and is eager to share it.
  2. The kid from Atlanta with the undersized body and the big heart.
  3. It takes a big mouth to not recognize a big heart.
  4. He ( Young ) is a man with a big heart,
  5. He has a very big heart ( physically and emotionally ).
  6. It's difficult to find big heart in a sentence.
  7. But we had a team full of guys with big hearts.
  8. I guess his big heart wanted to stand there with me.
  9. He had a big heart so we could talk about anything,
  10. We created chances and we played with a big, big heart.
  11. Rick was a great big guy with a great big heart,
  12. Edmund was a giant of a man with a big heart.
  13. What they miss is that he has such a big heart.
  14. The injured Don Sweeney plays with a big heart every night.
  15. We just want opportunity and a country with a big heart.
  16. They are good people, they have big hearts, they want justice,
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