big bird in a sentence

"big bird" in Chinese  
  1. But then, they also think that Barney and Big Bird are real.
  2. Pretty heady stuff for the likes of Mickey Mouse and Big Bird.
  3. I draw the line at big birds and snakes, " she said.
  4. I kept forgetting my lines because I was working with Big Bird.
  5. Actually, she said, the big birds were usually bought from a drover.
  6. It's difficult to find big bird in a sentence.
  7. Big Bird, Kermit and Miss Piggy better brush up on their German.
  8. The big birds are very dangerous animals, RSPCA spokeswoman Emma Nutbrown said.
  9. Big Bird asks, " Why does it have to be this way?
  10. Big Bird has various adventures in his attempt to get home.
  11. 1970 : Big Bird appears on the cover of Time magazine.
  12. This bacteria is usually destroyed by cooking, but big birds are sometimes undercooked.
  13. On such testimonials are built the big bird's reputation for healing.
  14. After the credits, Big Bird is pretending to be a statue.
  15. Erickson is betting the big birds will return to Chase Lake next year.
  16. When Ernie steers it towards Big Bird, he flees in fright.
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