big belly in a sentence

"big belly" in Chinese  
  1. "You got fat, Ozel, " he replied, tapping my father's big belly.
  2. Why should a big belly be more dangerous than a big backside?
  3. Later, " big belly " modifications increased the B-52's bomb load to.
  4. If your money was on the guy with the big belly, you lost.
  5. You saw the top of his head and his big belly sticking up.
  6. It's difficult to find big belly in a sentence.
  7. In the list of applicants so far, big bellies and bald heads rule.
  8. This led to the Big Belly project which was begun in December 1965.
  9. Mount Talbingo resembles the big belly of a man lying down.
  10. Wealthy merchants are portrayed with big bellies, a sign of prosperity.
  11. Just looking down at my big belly was wild and kind of exciting.
  12. Thurgood has graying foot-high hair, a big belly and denim overalls.
  13. New Cs and later versions had the Big Belly Modifications.
  14. From this point, the Big Belly B-52D became the SAC workhorse in Southeast Asia.
  15. You get a big belly, love it, rub it, embrace that ( stomach ).
  16. Then, considering his past, he releases a big belly laugh.
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