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  1. The behavior of these characters is detailed in Unicode s Bidirectional Algorithm.
  2. The Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm UAX9 describes the process of presenting text with altering script directions.
  3. The table is defined in Standard Annex # 9 : " Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm ".
  4. When an Arabic or Hebrew interwiki link is a disambiguation link ( with a part within parentheses ), the parentheses don't display properly in the browser text editor due to Unicode bidirectional algorithm issues.
  5. Bidirectional algorithms can be broadly split into three categories : Front-to-Front, Front-to-Back ( or Front-to-End ), and Perimeter Search ( Kaindl Kainz 1997 ).
  6. It's difficult to find bidirectional algorithm in a sentence.
  7. :: : The problem is that the HTML specification and all the browsers use the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm, which although it may be quite versatile, does need tweaking at times to get things to display correctly.
  8. In general there's no way to do this automatically and get it right, without a human understanding of the author's intentions . . . if there was, the Unicode bidirectional algorithm would get it right in the first place.
  9. That's because the closing parenthesis of the interwiki link text is sandwiched between the xxx right-to-left Arabic text and the " left-to-rightedness " of the remainder of the document, and the browser text editor decides that the closing parenthesis belongs to and should attach to the latter rather than the former ( applying the hideously complicated Unicode bidirectional algorithm.

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