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  1. Bidinotto later edited a book, " Criminal Justice?
  2. Bidinotto's work as a writer and editor has won a number of awards.
  3. It was briefly revived in 1999 . Authors for " Ergo " included Robert Bidinotto and ( briefly ) Simson Garfinkel.
  4. Prior to writing fiction, Bidinotto wrote for many different publications and blogs, spoke widely before community and campus organizations, and appeared on many radio and television talk shows.
  5. Bidinotto publishes a blog that addresses political and cultural issues, as well another blog, " The Vigilante Author ", which focuses on his own novels, thriller-writing generally, and independent publishing.
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  7. During the late 1980s and until 1995, Bidinotto was a staff writer for " Reader's Digest ", for which he authored high-profile pieces dealing with failings in the United States criminal justice system.
  8. Bidinotto is influenced by the philosophy and writings of Ayn Rand, and from July 2005 until October 2008 he was editor-in-chief of " The New Individualist ", the monthly magazine published by The Atlas Society.
  9. In September 2007, " The New Individualist " was honored with Folio magazine's prestigious Gold " Eddie " Award for Bidinotto's article " Up from Conservatism, " which appeared in the magazine's March 2007 issue.
  10. The American Society of Magazine Editors recognized Bidinotto's prison-furlough article in the July 1988 " Reader's Digest " as one of five national finalists for " Best Magazine Article of the Year in the Public Interest Category . " He also was honored with the Free Press Association's Mencken Award for " Best Feature Story, " and with the annual journalism award from the National Victim Center, " for sensitivity and fairness in reporting victim issues ."

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