bidings in a sentence

"bidings" in Chinese  
  1. Residents lead what inmates described as quiet lives of biding time.
  2. He said he is enjoying life as he bides his time.
  3. Kenny had to learn to bide his time in a race,
  4. We were biding our time before we ever reached that conclusion.
  5. We were just biding our time, waiting for track position.
  6. It's difficult to find bidings in a sentence.
  7. He said he and his friends were only biding their time.
  8. "I've been biding my time,"
  9. "I'm just waiting and biding my time.
  10. Majoli bided her time by doing stretching exercises, keeping loose.
  11. As carbon dioxide spews heavenward, the industry bides its time.
  12. Thai Talk / New election : Chuan bides his time, NATION
  13. So he decided to bide his time in Newark and wait.
  14. Hasdrubal bided his time, avoiding any battles with the Romans.
  15. Phil was biding his time and refused to leave without Louise.
  16. Frustrated, they bide their time until Camastra makes his move.
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