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  1. The referrals said the Clintons were potential beneficiaries of illegal activity.
  2. But that seems far too Scroogelike when the beneficiaries are nonprofits.
  3. The Chelsea, Mass . school system has been one beneficiary.
  4. In fact, the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action are women.
  5. The clearest beneficiary of the Rams'move is the Raiders.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficiary in a sentence.
  7. The most spectacular beneficiaries, he thinks, were the insects.
  8. For the most affluent beneficiaries, premiums would more than triple.
  9. Supports efforts to increase Medicare beneficiaries participation in managed care groups.
  10. _What burden does the program place on non-beneficiaries?
  11. Beneficiaries would contribute $ 71 billion through higher premiums and deductibles.
  12. Life insurance policies pay benefits to your beneficiaries at your death.
  13. Los Angeles County alone accounts for 1.7 million beneficiaries.
  14. About three million Medicare beneficiaries are in HMO's today.
  15. Medicare beneficiaries should be rewarded for reporting fraud to the government.
  16. Twice, with free safety Merton Hanks serving as the beneficiary.
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