beneficiary under a trust in a sentence

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  1. The precise nature of the interests and rights of the beneficiary under a trust is contested.
  2. Perhaps the most common example of an equitable interest is the interest of a beneficiary under a trust.
  3. If one leaves on one side any case in which an insolvent company seeks to declare a trust in favour of creditors, one is concerned here with the question not of preferring creditors but of preventing those who pay money from becoming creditors, by making them beneficiaries under a trust.
  4. Lakshman proposes that the doctrine provides legal relief that falls outside tort or contract, but with some of the characteristics of tort or contract, as can be found in restitution ( including unjust enrichment ), equity ( including unconscionable conduct ), beneficiaries under a trust of the benefit of a promise, people protected by the valid assignment of promise, fiduciary duty, and contracts of insurance.
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