beneficiary rule in a sentence

  1. The highest-finishing driver who had earned a Beneficiary Rule lap wins a CAD 1, 000 prize.
  2. NOTE : Kyle Busch was the beneficiary in five consecutive caution periods at the 2006 AMD at the Glen; the beneficiary rule was not used on road course events in 2004.
  3. The beneficiary rule ( informally known as the " lucky dog " rule ) states once the safety car is deployed, the first car not on the lead lap will regain a lap.
  4. NASCAR follows the same policy with the 2009 change to the Beneficiary Rule, except that pit lane is only closed to those cars that were waved around the safety car to allow the leaders to start at the front.
  5. In addition to this, standard NASCAR rules, such as the beneficiary rule ( commonly known as " Lucky Dog " or " Free Pass " ), green-white-checker finishes, and double-file restarts established.
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  7. In Busch's case, he lost five laps from repairs caused by an oil leak, and upon returning to the track, gained all five laps back through the beneficiary rule because no other driver was between him and the lead lap on any of the caution periods.
  8. The practice of allowing lapped cars to attempt passing the leader at the finish line when taking the caution was prohibited after the 2003 Sylvania 300 at Loudon, NH when after Dale Jarrett crashed and numerous cars nearly struck Jarrett's disabled car on the race to gain a lap back, leading to the development of the current beneficiary rule.
  9. Thus, the disadvantage of losing laps means the chances of earning a free pass under the Beneficiary Rule is harder, since a driver losing two laps under a green-flag pit stop would have to race their way past the leader before the caution waved to regain one of their laps back, unless there are no cars one lap behind.
  10. Until the Beneficiary Rule was instituted in 2004 ( the rule was instituted after the races at Bristol in 2003 ), the short lap length and the unpredictable nature of the racing meant that this was one of the few remaining NASCAR tracks at which it was feasible for a driver to come back to win a race from several laps down; at most modern tracks, especially superspeedways, that was almost impossible.

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