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  1. However, some of these beneficiaries live in the 28 states that have already imposed welfare time limits.
  2. The average Medicare payment for each beneficiary living in Richmond County, N . Y ., is $ 767.
  3. Nearly 7 in 10 of the Medicare beneficiaries living below the poverty line are women, that report said.
  4. Vladeck said 25 percent of Medicare beneficiaries live in areas where they have no access to managed care health plans.
  5. Foreign charity is when the beneficiary lives in a country different from where the funds or services are being sent from.
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  7. Depending on where beneficiaries lived, they might be confronted with dozens of different drug card options, each providing different discounts on thousands of different drugs.
  8. The official said 14 percent of Medicare's power wheelchair spending went to people in the Houston area even though only 1 percent of Medicare beneficiaries lived there.
  9. It says nearly half the HMO beneficiaries live in counties where the reimbursement rate will rise by no more than 2 percent, while pharmaceutical expenses are going up by 18 percent.
  10. Among the forty-five people sharing in his estate were " beneficiaries living in such diverse areas as Greenwich Village, Paris, Niagara Falls, Oyster Bay, and the Lower East Side of Manhattan ."
  11. Since then, it has been tracking on a daily basis every sniffle and sore throat reported by 400, 000 Defense Department health care beneficiaries living within a 50-mile radius of the nation's capital.
  12. President Bush and Congress are preparing for a debate over the future of Social Security, whose solvency depends not only on factors including productivity, inflation and birth rates but also on how long beneficiaries live.
  13. "The key to eligibility is not that the beneficiary lives in a HPSA nor that the physician's office or primary location is in a HPSA, but rather that the services are actually rendered in a HPSA.
  14. The rule in question, so fiendishly complex that lawyers in Massachusetts can't be held liable for malpractice if they misinterpret it, essentially limits the time a trust can lock up assets to 21 years after the deaths of beneficiaries living when it was created.
  15. Or if the postal bank exerted a bit more effort so that like its Japanese counterpart, it could become the biggest savings bank in the whole country by getting OCW beneficiaries living in the farthest town set aside a portion of their monthly remittances ?!
  16. Nationally, the report by the group Families USA disclosed, almost 75 percent of the more than 9 million Medicare beneficiaries living in rural counties are not served by any HMO . Just one in 10 resides in a county that has two or more managed care plans from which to choose.

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